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policies and documents

This page includes links to our key statements, policies and documents


Operating Strategy

This gives our overall vision of the purpose of the Hall, and also includes details of previous improvements, and future plans

Our policy documents


We aim to make the Hall accessible to all.  Here is our statement about the current accessibility issues, and our future plans for improvement. 


This is our statement about equality, inclusion and diversity, and includes details of how to raise any issues with the Trustees of the Hall

Data Protection

This describes how and why we keep information about people, your rights to know what we we hold, and how to query this with the Trustees of the Hall

Consultation about the Hall

We recently undertook some research on users' opinions of the Hall.  The document below is a summary of the findings of this research.

Child Protection statement

The Trustees of Hyde Memorial Hall are committed to providing the hall as a venue for activities for families and young people. We would like to encourage greater use of the hall for all age groups and to this end, we have created our own child protection policy. 

The Trustees of Hyde Memorial Hall recognise that in promoting activities for young people, the welfare of the child is paramount. All children, without exception, have the right to protection from abuse, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs.

Hyde Memorial Hall has nominated Gina Dawkins as the Child Protection Liaison Officer.

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